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Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! I hope summer has provided you time to be with those you love and to make lasting memories. If the last year has taught me anything, it’s to never take for granted the time that we do get to spend together. As we think about getting back on schedule & routine for the school year, don’t forget to continue to make time to laugh, time to relax, and time to be present with the people around you. Nothing is more important than time. Time is precious and something you can’t get back. Make it count. 

I can promise you that we will do just that within the walls of our building. We will make each moment count and give your child the time to grow, to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, to try again, to ask questions, and to be a kid. I hope you find comfort in knowing that your child is about to embark on an exciting journey, alongside classmates, staff members, and community members, towards new goals & big dreams that create endless possibilities!

Our theme for this year is “Back to the Future: Let’s Do This!”. As we begin this new school year, we are getting back to building relationships, back to collaboration, back to being intentional, back to personalized learning, back to dreaming big, back to creating a successful future for all of our Union Family!

Thank you for your partnership, support, and commitment to making Union Elementary School a better place for all of us. We truly are a Union Family; we love our students, our work, our school, and our community. Together we will make this a year full of joyful memories.

I am happy that you are here & excited about the future of Union! Let’s Do This!

Yours in Education,

Kara Kowalk


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