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School History

Union Elementary: 1917

Established in 1917, located on 8735 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Union Elementary was originally named Union Township Centralized School. The main Building was completed in 1917 and housed grades 1-12, combining the seven one-room schools in the Union Township district.

Union Elementary: 2008

The districts of Liberty & Union consolidated in 1957 and the district established Lakota High School in 1959, thus making Union an elementary school. The name of the district was changed to Lakota Local School District in 1970.

Union Elementary: 2009

Union Elementary moved to the newest facility in Lakota in 2009, located at 7672 LeSourdsville-West Chester Road.  Union Elementary went from the oldest facility to the newest. Sitting atop a hill looking over West Chester, Union Elementary is a state of the art facility that lends itself to a safe, engaging house of learning for our school Photo of exterior of Union Elementary School community. Our history is not forgotten, as evidenced by the historic pictures and original graduating classes that grace our main atrium. We will continue to connect our past to our present to shape our future, striving to make Union a 21st Century standard bearer and industry leader.